Assertive Legal Services, Inc. was established to investigate and obtain facts for the defense. I am Patrick H. Luquet and my partner is Tammie B. Luquet. We’re both born, raised and currently reside in Southeast LA with our family. Tammie and I have worked with some of the most respected litigators, engineers, and experts throughout the country for over 24 years. We have gained considerable experience through these relationships, which we constantly integrate into our investigation techniques. Our extensive experience with in-person research, law enforcement procedures, witness locations, and interviews sets us apart from other investigators. Our team legally gathers facts and develops information that provides our clients the tools to make decisions and evaluate their exposure. We have developed and maintained local, state and federal contacts within all branches of government which allows us to gather information and documents in a timely, cost effective manner. We understand that some cases may not have a large exposure; thus, we may only need to pursue minimal investigative resources to provide our clients with enough information for proper evaluation. Routinely claims and lawsuits we work are high-risk insureds, self-insured corporations, or excess carriers with large exposure.

Our Approach

Assertive Legal Services Inc. maintains a “hands-on” approach to each assignment no matter how large or small. Working many multi week trials, more so than any other aspect of our experience, has enabled us to know firsthand the exact type of details, documentation, and line of questioning that can really make a difference. Given the fact that our cases have taken us through most, if not all, parishes and counties within Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama – we have certainly made a lot of friends and contacts along the way that we continue to nurture and develop. Our procedure and protocol that we have developed over the years continues to benefit our clients. Locating eye witnesses, law enforcement, EMTs, first responders and fact witnesses and gaining their cooperation is at the top of our priority list. Our team members have a very confident, but relaxing attitude which lends itself well with obtaining interviews and recorded statements from witnesses who are busy, stressed out, or who may just not want to be involved. We appreciate their time and that comes across well and is regularly rewarded with candid forthright information.