Assertive Legal Services Inc. acquires source information on the target, which identifies the various jurisdictions wherein they have resided for the previous 10-15 years. We then cross-reference that information with all other materials we have gathered such as DMV Records, Employment Records, Social Media data, News Media, Print Media, etc. Once we have developed a complete list of addresses used for work, residence and recreation we create a Geographical Profile of likely jurisdictions to locate records. We then research the records in-person, making sure that we check variations of their name spelling, maiden names, vitals etc. We also sift through records to confirm our subject and provide the most current information available.

We take the extra step to read the files we locate, copy the beneficial documents, and evaluate what other documents may exist. We also obtain all relevant accident/arrest reports and cross-reference this information to determine if any companion cases exist.

Once we have completed the investigation, we provide our client with a detailed report outlining all documents located along with an index of each document retrieved.

The Most Common Background Investigations We Conduct Are:

Civil Investigations
Criminal Investigations
Traffic Investigations
Social Media Investigations
Neighborhood and Accident Scene Canvases/Investigations
Moveable Asset/Immoveable Asset Investigations.

We find that in person investigation and research of public records is the most comprehensive and detailed tool for developing information on plaintiffs, key witnesses, and co-defendants.

Many believe that the same type of investigation can be completed via the internet. You certainly can get useful information on many topics, but a lot of web information is raw and unconfirmed. The internet does not fact check the information that you find and may rely on!

There are many research variables, but our proven in-house procedures and top tier information providers are ready at a moment’s notice for document locations and retrieval. These skills cannot be “googled “and are not available via the internet.