Assertive Legal Services Inc. knows firsthand the importance Process Service and the art of serving legal documents can have on your case.

“Recent events have graphically displayed our (Investigators, Constables, Process Servers, Law Enforcement) potential to be subjected to violent acts when approaching residences, apartments, trailers etc. in the normal scope of our work.”

Any information you have confirmed or not relative to an unstable, medicated, violent or drug / alcohol abusing subject you are requesting service on MUST BE disclosed when you request our services.

Assume Someone’s life may depend on it!

Our SDT, Deposition, and Trial subpoena services are locally priced and include IRS mileage roundtrip from Kenner LA. All Judgment Debtors, Evictions, Foreclosures or Personal Service only Subpoenas that require non routine attention, surveillance at location, Source Information etc. are treated as any other investigation. We strive to work within any realistic budget parameters as best as we can. Our team members are all compensated at the same pay-rate for Investigations and Process Service.

All special requests will be considered for acceptance on a case by case basis. Contact Patrick or Tammie to discuss your situation and budget.